COVID-19 Re-Opening Plan

Eagle Creek Medical Clinic (ECMC) will start physically seeing patients again for the week of May 25th, 2020. Patient and staff safety are absolutely essential as we transition slowly back into office based practice. 

The majority of patient visits at ECMC for family practice, walk-in clinic, and the High Complexity Care Team (HCCT) will remain virtual/telehealth

Patients that require in-office visits will be booked mainly on specific days depending on provider:


Monday - High Complexity Care Team

Tuesday - Dr. Simcoff

Wednesday - Dr. Turpin

Thursday - Dr. Velikovsky and Dr. Zabakolas

Friday - Dr. Ward

As mandated by WorkSafeBC, the BC Center for Disease Control, and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, the following section outlines our plan for "re-opening." 

1. Screening Questions will be asked of all patients at time of booking and upon check-in. Answering in the positive means a patient cannot be physically seen at ECMC and the next steps will be dictated by the Most Responsible Physician (MRP):

A) Do you have any cold or flu-like symptoms?

B) Have you returned from travel in the last 14 days?

C) Have you had exposure to a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days? 

2. Patient responsibilities:

· Cannot be seen for any respiratory or viral symptoms as per the screening questions above. The MRP will dictate next steps as appropriate (e.g., virtual assessment or transfer to the local Emergency Department or COVID-19 assessment clinic). 

· Must respect social distancing guidelines at all times. 

· Must use hand sanitizer or wash hands upon entering clinic. 

· Must wear a mask at all times. ECMC will provide these for $2.00 (free for those who cannot pay).

· Discouraged from having family members/friends with them in the clinic (within reason of course).

· Standing room only in our waiting area (with the exception of persons with disabilities).

· Consider waiting in car or outside the clinic until scheduled appointment time.


3. Staff/Physician responsibilities:

· It is entirely unacceptable for staff or physicians to be physically at ECMC if they have any symptoms suggestive of a viral infection (e.g., fever, cough, congestion, body aches, etc…). 

· Physicians and staff to practice social distancing and continue to work one person per room.  

· Frequent hand-washing. 

· Physicians and staff must wear a mask when physically interacting with patients. 

· Physicians and staff must be judicious in their use of PPE

· Maximum 3 patients in our waiting area at any given point (tape on floors will be used to mark out distances required between individuals). 1 chair will be available for persons with a disability. 

· Staff to book no more than 2 in-clinic patient visits per hour, per physician. 

· Staff to screen all patients at time of booking and check-in (see section 1 above).

For questions or concerns, please direct them to the Clinic Manager (Ms. Jeanette McCart, RN) or Medical Director.  

                          -Dr. Matthew Ward, MD, CCFP

                          Medical Director of ECMC

                          May 18th, 2020